Selecting Results Page

1. Shopify built-in search page - Default Shopify search page and search results, disables all configurations for the search Results page. None of the results are from ChatX search engine.

2. ChatX search results page - featuring relevant products - when checked will provide your customers ChatX Search results instead of the default Shopify search results.

3. ChatX results page with filters - ChatX search results page featuring responsive design (mobile and tablets) and advanced filtering.

Results Settings

1. Results per page - number of products to be shown on one page

2. Show/Hide out of stock products

3. When out of stock products are shown, move them to end of the list - When you enable this option, all out of stock products will be shown at the end of the list


Configure your site's filters. Search filters or facets are most useful to customers who would like to first see the entire range of results and only then narrow down their search by filters such as price, brand, size, etc. A list of filters that were detected by ChatX search engine is shown and will be displayed to end-users.

  • Hide Filters - click on  to hide a filter.
  • Rename Filters - click on the filter's title enables renaming a filter